Linear Motors 1FN6

The electrical gear rack

Active marketing of SIMOTICS L-1FN6 linear motors has been discontinued.
SIMOTICS L-1FN3 is available as a successor product.

Linear motors 1FN6

With the 1FN6 series, Siemens offers natural and water cooled synchronous linear motors that stands out due to their magnet-free secondary section. This enables highly dynamic applications with long traverse distances to be implemented cost-effectively. Furthermore, the magnet-free secondary section ensures that the highly dynamic linear motor can be used in environmental conditions in which the usage of magnetic secondary parts is not normally desired.

As the shape of the secondary section resembles a gear rack and can potentially be used in place of a classic gear rack solution, the term "Electrical gear rack" has been coined for the 1FN6 linear motor.

1FN6 Linear Motors - highlights

  • High force density and energy-efficiency

  • High level of dynamics and precision as well as great controllability

  • Low thermal expansion and high degree of robustness
    due to large air gap

1FN6 Linear Motors - technical overview

* Depending on the version and type Detailed technical data can be found on the right-hand side under All about... --> Technical Information --> Technical overview

Natural Cooling

Water Cooling

Maximum force Fmax *:

157...8080 N

157...1890 N

Maximum speed at FN *:

bis 1280 m/min

bis 852 m/min

Overload capability *:

2,5 x FN

1,32 x FN

1FN6 Linear Motors - typical application areas

On account of the secondary section track without magnetic influence, the 1FN6 is ideal for highly dynamic applications with long traversing paths resp. applications in which the use of magnetic secondary sections is not requested. Examples:

  • Link facilities, assembly and transfer lines

  • Handling gantries and robotic applications with long traversing paths

  • Water jet and laser cutting machines with long horizontal traversing axes

1FN6 linear motors are optimally suited for operating the SINAMICS S120 drive system.