Drawing frame

On their way to become high-quality yarn, staple fibers must first be subjected to extensive processing. In this process, the drawing frame is a major quality driver, since all flaws that are preserved in the drawn fiber structure will also become visible in the yarn. Siemens offers a high-quality solution in order to meet the resulting challenges for the automation solution. SIMOTION and SINAMICS products support a sophisticated automation concept that provides many benefits for the machine. The drawing frame is located in the spinning process between the carding machine and the spinning machine. It serves to draw out and parallelize the fibers. Major components of the drawing frame include the feeding gate, the drawing equipment and the take-off cylinder.

Solution example for drawing frames

The automation serves to ensure the accurate speed synchronism of the four drives - especially during the start and stop of the machine and in case of power failure. The Motion Control system SIMOTION D and the drive system SINAMICS S offer a fully integrated automation solution from a single source.


  • Optimum production results
    through high-speed material thickness control (with closed-loop controlled system)

  • Superior control dynamics
    with differential gearbox, or

  • Direct control
    using a highly dynamic servo motor