Carding Machine

The carding machine is located in the spinning process between the blow room and the drawing frame. It cleans and parallelizes the fibers. The resulting card web is then formed into a tape and placed into a can. The working elements are taker-in, main cylinder, card top and doffing cylinder. The working elements are equipped with saw-tooth wires. In addition to the general advantages our solutions for carding machines help you optimize your production results through:

  • High availability through teleservice

  • Reduced spare parts and service costs through consistent range of drives

Solution example for carding machines

Driving the main units requires between 3 and 5 drive motors, including about 3 servo motors:
1 motor 11-15 kW for the main cylinder; 3 motors 0.5 kW for taker-in and doffing cylinder, corresponding drives.