Solutions for looms


Weaving is the most comprehensive area of textile fabric production. Looms perform lots of individual movements at extremely high speed; and these movements must be synchronized with each other. Some of the movements (weaving reed or weft insertion, for example) are led off from the motion of the main shaft via cams. Increasingly, however, electronically controlledaxes are being used in looms, as with warp let-off and fabric take-off. The integration of technological functions with the control platform delivers extremely fast response times, which improves the technological performance of looms. And a system of function blocks forms the basis for a modular machine control platform. This creates a wide variety of possible combinations for loom automation.

Sample solution

Through a close partnership cooperation with the OEM, the loom performance is improved on the controller and drive sides and the OEM can decisively improve his position on the market.

For example, based on a controller for textile machines, the web technological movement tasks performed in the hardware and software have been defined for specific users and implemented in the Simotion controller platform portal. This is the first block that defines a basic web function and serves as the basis for further automation solutions.

All benefits at a single glance

  • High productivity
    through extremely fast, synchronized individual movements and an ultimate number of wefts per minute

  • Cost-effectiveness
    resulting from short changeover and setup times

  • Flexibility
    through a Motion Control System