Solutions for circular knitting machines


On circular knitting machines, the rotation of the needle cylinder drives the needles through the knitting channels in a vertical up and down movement. The thread that is guided by the eyelet is knitted, and the knitted fabric is taken off to the bottom. On large circular knitting machines, a needle cylinder diameter of 30“ with a precision of E24, that means 24 needles per inch, is typical. The fabrik take off with subsequent reeling of the fabric tube is usually mechanically led off from the needle cylinder movement.

All benefits at a single glance

  • Flexibility
    The availability of the different converter versions allows to conveniently adjust the machine to the network conditions of the location of use.

  • Superior usability
    through the numerous display and operating options of the SIMATIC touch panels. The broad portfolio of devices allows to perfectly fulfil the relevant user requirements.

  • Robustness
    The 1LE1 motors which have been tested under extremely harsh conditions of use ensure the proper operation of the knitting machine over many years – just as requested in the textile industry.