Newspaper Printing


Newspaper printing machine

Newspaper printing machines are designed for producing both small editions with 10,000 copies as well as mass-produced magazines with several million copies. Newspaper printing machines consist of modular printing units to match required number of pages, edition volume and coloring. The automation- and control- technology as well as state-of-the art multi-drive systems adapt to the modular structure of the printing machine.

Offset newspaper printing machines are used for the production of newspapers, supplements and leaflets. Each machine is assigned a specific format. Multi web-paths allow variable numbers of pages.

High product quality

High control performance and excellent web lead through multi drive systems

Variable production to different folders

Synchronization via PROFINET for interproduction of independent presses and for building redundant PROFINET networks

Interfacing of third party systems

Encoder emulation as high precisison virtual encoder

Hohe Antriebsleistung

Book Size*: up to 107kW
Chassis*: up to 800kW

* Line voltage 3-ph 380V to 480V


Spectrum from 0,2 to 630kW
Water cooled motors up to 120kW

Key advantages of our newspaper printing solutions:

  • Highest precision: accurate synchronism control with SIMOTION

  • Convenient and simple control: totally integrated automation with SIMATIC and SIMOTION

  • Flexible machine configuration: modular and flexible drive and control concepts