Commercial Offset Printing


Offset printing is an indirect print technology where the print color is first transferred from a mostly thin, flexible aluminium plate to a blanket cylinder and then to the material to be printed.

Sample solution for Commercial Offset Printing

Sample solution

Commercial printing has high requirements with regard to the product quality achieved. Quite often several individual presses have to produce to one folder or an interface to a post-press-system is necessary.

All advantages at a single glance – our solutions for Commercial Offset Printing

High printing quality

Dynamic servo control and angular synchronisation with high precision and little Jitter

High printing quality

High control quality with excellent web lead and constant web tension through multi drive technology

Interfacing of third party systems

Encoder emulation as high precisison virtual encoder

Variable production to several folders

Synchronization via PROFINET for interproduction of independent presses and for building redundant PROFINET networks

Higher degree of automation

PRINT standard is prepared for many machine types. The open architecture allows the add on of own ideas and new features.

Wider and faster machines

Book Size*:   up to 107kW
Chassis*:     up to 800kW*
Line voltage 3-ph 380V to 480V