Gravure Printing

Gravure Printing

Gravure printing is the simplest print technology because the print layout is engraved on the form cylinder. The engraving depressions carry the ink from the ink tray. The excess ink is stripped off by means of a blade. The impression roller presses the web against the form cylinder and the ink penetrates into the web.

Sample solution for package printing

Sample solution

The automation concept is based on machine modules.The sample solution consists of a 6-color machine with a printing unit module, an unwinder and a rewinder module. All modules (controls) are synchronized via PROFINET. Optionally the ET200 I/O is used for the inputs and outputs.


  • SIMOTION D445: Six printing units

  • SIMOTION D435: Unwinder, infeed unit

  • SIMOTION D435: Winder, outfeed unit

  • ET200M



  • 1PH7, 1PH8


Operator control and process visualization of the machine is, for example, performed via a multi panel on the basis of the runtime and engineering software WinCC flexible.

All advantages at a single glance – our solutions for Gravure Printing



High product quality

High control quality

Modular construction possible

Synchronization via PROFINET to connect individual machines to an overall machine

Safety functions

Integrated safety functions of SINAMICS S120 according to IEC 61800-5-2

Compact constructionmodular construction

DC/AC Book Size*: Supply (BLM/ALM) up to 120 kWDC/AC Book Size*: Single-axis / twin-axis motor modules up to 107 kWAC/AC Blockize*: Single-axis motor moduleup to 90 kW
SIMOTION D for single-axis / multiple-axis applications

* Mains voltage 3 AC 380 V up to 480 V


Synchronous / asynchronous and torque motors in compact construction inNatural / external and water cooling in rangefrom 0.05 kW up to 180 kW
Explosion-protected synchronous motors available


In SIMOTION D, integrated register control with register coupling for less waste