In-line type flexo printing machine


Flexo printing is a high-pressure method, the printing plate comprises an elastic printing plate (printing block). The thin fluid color is applied by the anilox roll onto the printing block and from there directly printed onto the printing substrate by exerting reduced pressure.

Sample solution: In-line type flexo printing machine

Sample solution

The machine has a modular design, Motion Control and automation are performed centrally in a SIMOTION D445. The printing units and machining stations (imprinting, bleed borders, etc.) are driven by DC Motor Modules and centrally arranged. Due to the power compensation via a common dc link, the modules - e.g. unwinders, winders, pull stations - are centrally arranged. When mechanically replacing the printing unit modules in the machine and removing the relevant motors, you can flexibly respond to this modified machine mechanics by deactivating resp. switching over the relevant data records

All advantages at a single glance – our solutions for flexo printing machines

Requirements / solutions for In-line type flexo printing machines



Outstanding product quality

superior control quality of counterpressure and plate cylinder

– virtual master for all axes

– high-speed control circuits with DSC

Connection of external systems

for path monitoring and register control

– pulse encoder emulation with TM41 also for virtual axes

Many axes

the same performance:

- 2-axis modules with minimum space requirements

- S120 Compact Motor Module

Long motor cables

common dc link:

- Active Interface Module (AIM) with Active Line infeed units (ALM) for clean power supplies

– low-cost Basic Line (BLM) infeed modules

Variable format cylinders

variable moments of inertia

– mechatronic tools

– high-speed control circuits with DSC

Different printing methods

combined in one machine:

- single-axis AC motor modules can be combined with DC motor modules

– deactivation of components in order to replace printing modules