Central impression cylinder flexo printing machine


Flexo printing is a high-pressure method, the printing plate comprises an elastic printing plate (Printing block). The thin fluid color is applied by the anilox roll onto the printing block and from there directly printed onto the printing substrate by exerting reduced pressure.

Sample solution: Central impression cylinder flexo printing machine

Sample solution

The automation concept is mased on machine modules.

The sample solution for an 8-color machine comprises four printing unit modules (per module with two printing units), an unwinder module, a winder module and a machine module. All these seven modules (controllers) are synchronized via PROFINET, ET200 peripherals are optionally used for the inputs / outputs.

Printing unit module: A central drum flexo printing machine always shows an even number of printing units (6, 8 or 10). A SIMOTION D435 with SINAMICS Integrated and a CU320 6+6 SINAMICS provide axes for two printing units each.

Machine module: SIMOTION D435: CI main drive, infeed unit, drag roller

Winders and unwinders: SIMOTION D425

All advantages at a single glance – our solutions for flexo printing machines

Requirements / solutions for Central impression cylinder flexo printing machines



Outstanding product quality

superior control quality of the central cylinder

– directly driven central cylinder

– direct-mount high-precision measuring system

– virtual master for all axes

Connection of external systems

for path monitoring and register control

- pulse encoder emulation with TM41 also for virtual axes

Many axes

the same performance

- 2-axis modules with minimum space requirements

Long sum cable length

connected to a common dc link

- BLM as a non-regenerative infeed unit.

- ALM + AIM as closed-loop regenerative infeed units “without“ line harmonics

Variable format cylinders

variable moments of inertia

– mechatronic tools.

– High-speed control circuits with DSC

Cylinder positioning with spindles and absolute position feedback

requires a high acceleration torque at low speeds and low holding torques

– real absolute encoder

- 1FK7 with high overload factor

– low-speed winding version with reduced power requirements

Explosion protection for motors

for solvent-containing colors and depending on the installation position

– low-cost standard option for Zone 2

- 1FS6 EEx-d motors for Zone 1