Flexo printing machines for corrugated board printing

Corrugated board - the classic packaging solution

Corrugated board - low-cost, light-weight and inherently stable - is the preferred transport packaging material; the sales figures have been continuously increasing during the past few years. This packaging material combines effective product protection with reduced use of material, together with particularly low weight and outstanding machining capacities. It optimally protects goods during transportation and storage. Depending on the intended use and load requirements, a differentiation is made between single, double and triple corrugated boards.

Printing on corrugated board

  • Material speeds of up to 350m/min

  • Material thickness ranging from 1 to 16mm

  • Sheet sizes ranging from 450x500mm up to 5500x1900mm

  • Up to eight printing units per machine


Flexo printing is a high-pressure method, the printing plate comprises an elastic printing plate (printing block). The thin fluid color is applied by the anilox roll onto the printing block and from there directly printed onto the printing substrate by exerting reduced pressure.

Sample solution: Flexo printing machine for corrugated board printing

Sample solution

The machine has a modular design, Motion Control and automation are performed decentrally. Each module is equipped with a separate controller (Simotion D445/D435) actuating the associated drives. Optionally, the D4x5 can be extended by one or several CX32 units for further axes. This allows to commission all modules independently from another.

The presented sample solution for a 4-color machine consists of a sheet layer, a sheet feeder, a rotational punch and four printing units. All these seven modules are synchronized via Profinet. The machine is controlled via a Simatic S7.

All advantages at a single glance - our solutions for corrugated board machines

Corrugated board printing: Requirements and solutions



Outstanding product quality

superior control quality

Modular design supported

synchronization via PROFINET to connect the individual units to one machine

Safety functions

Integrated safety functions of SINAMICS S120 according to IEC 61800-5-2

Compact design

Modular setup

Book Size*          Infeed (BLM/ALM) up to 120kW

Chassis Size*     Infeed (BLM/ALM) up to 900 kW

Book Size*          Single-axis / double-axis motor modules up to 107 kW

*Line voltage ranging from 3 AC 380V to 480V


synchronous / induction and torque motors in compact design with natural cooling / forced cooling and water cooling ranging from 0.05 to 180kW

motors with low intrinsic moment of inertia


specific corrugated board printing functions can be implemented in SIMOTIONProducts used