TCP 3000 - the efficient solution for closed-loop temperature control

Integrated automation for extrusion machines

Siemens provides high-performance control systems for your extrusion machine - including systems specially designed for pipe and profile extrusion. One of the special advantages of our extrusion machine automation solutions:

The temperature control TCP 3000 covers all essential properties of a new state-of-the-art Temperature controller makes your extruder simpler and more efficient.

Indeed, our solutions are as individual as your extrusion machine requirements. See for yourself with the examples below.

Example of a solution for extrusion machines with TCP 3000

Are you looking for a preconfigured temperature solution that allows you to automate your extrusion machine more easily and efficiently? Our modular, open TCP 3000   e.g. extrusion machine application solution relies on proven SIMATIC S7-300 hardware. And the benefit for you is maximum openness, modularity and high performance.

Your benefits are

  • Highest degree of flexibility

  • Simple and clear operator screens

  • Structured and comfortable operation

  • Ease of scalability by using optimized software structures

  • Use of standards for optimized performance of operator panels and decentral I/Os

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