Modular Software Library

Different plastics applications – one library

Standardized software modules

The new modular software library for plastics machines forms the basis for your latest generation of machines.
Whether extruding, blow molding, injection molding, thermoforming or regulating temperatures, there is an appropriate solution for every one of your requirements.

Uniform HW base

The new SIMATIC S7-1500 forms the hardware basis for all components of the plastics library.
Due to the new generation of controllers and the associated TIA Portal engineering framework, the creation of software becomes faster and easier.

Ready-to-run HMI

All modules of the software library include a ready-to-use HMI.
In designing the operating screens, particular value was attached to intuition and a clearly structured view of the individual functionalities.

Standard blocks of the plastics library

TCP = Temperature Control

The temperature control package (TCP) ensures high-precision temperature control and is optimized for the demands of the plastics industry. It provides excellent control performance for heating and cooling processes.

DRV = Drive Package for Extrusion

The DRV (Drive) block enables any numbers of extruders to be driven and controlled.

MOT = Motion Control

The MOT block provides technology-based motion control functions and thus ensures high-precision, axis-specific positioning of electrical and hydraulic axes, including those with synchronous operation functionality.

PCO = Parison Control

The PCO block provides the parison control technology necessary for wall thickness control. It is used for precise control of the required tubular profile in blow-forming machines.

ACL: Automatic Cycle

A block for flexible sequence control (ACL) of cyclic processes beyond the basic functionality of the blocks and standard applications already implemented.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Flexibility: You determine the functionality of your machine and are able to expand it flexibly when the need arises

  • Modularity: Independent and autonomous software blocks simplify the implementation of our software in your system

  • Reliability: The applications are based on expertise drawn from many years of globally accumulated experience and well-founded industry know-how

  • Performance: The optimized combination of software and hardware allows any configuration limits with a high level of performance

  • Productivity: The coordination of the hardware and software significantly reduces your development and commissioning times