Line architecture

Increased plant / system availablity due to enhanced transparency


Through systematic standardization, OPL reduces the complexity of the entire line. The benefits resulting are significant – in every phase of the plant lifecycle. They range from increased efficiency resulting from a perfect interaction through to reduced costs and expenditure due to increased total integration.

Our solution

Through the consistent use of proven standard components which are able to communicate in hardware and software, OPL allows to perform a well-founded diagnostics of status messages and system faults in all sections of a modern filling and packaging line – from the network to PCs and controllers as well as sensors and actuators connected through to motion control, which has so far been considered as a black box.

Overview of functions

Line Monitoring Systems (LMS)

Data acquisition and compression in OEE KPIs
- Availablity
- Performance
- Quality
- Further customer-defined KPIs

Network and security concept

- Star structures
- Ring structures
- Ring redundancy

Line Control Unit (LCU)

- Line start/stop
- Line setpoint velocity
- Buffer management


  • Process transparency and quality
    through integrated solutions based on the standardized data interface

  • Increased efficiency
    due to reduced complexity

  • Optimized product flow
    due to the coordination of different machine statuses and velocities