Solutions for wire-drawing machines

Intelligent automation from A to Z

Irrespective of whether your wire-drawing machine produces non-ferrous wire, such as copper, aluminum, brass, silver or gold, or steel wire: Siemens provides comprehensive solutions for wet- and dry-drawing machines.

Solution example for wire-drawing machines

Devices of the SINAMICS S120 family are used as drive converters for wire-drawing machines. You can select air-cooled 1PH7/1PH8 induction motors, water-cooled 1PH4/1PH8 induction motors or also 1LE, 1LA, 1LG standard synchronous motors as drive for the drawing capstan.

Reducing the programming effort

To significantly reduce the effort for programming the wire-drawing machine solution, the technology functions (DCC, Drive Control Chart) integrated in the SINAMICS S120 can be used for the winders and laying devices. If numerous higher-level technology functions are also required, the drive-based SIMOTION motion control can be used


  • Minimum effort for the configuration, operation and maintenance of wire-drawing machines
    through modern control technology, user-friendly visualization, diagnostics and bus-supported data communication

  • Easy plant control
    through centralized control with SIMATIC S7-300

  • Prevention of slip between the wire and the drawing disk
    through electronic synchronous operation of the individual drawing disks

  • Simple and efficient safety control
    through the integrated safety functions in the SINAMICS S120 drive.