Solutions for servo presses

Smart automation with SIMOTION SimoPress Servo

In combination with various tools, servo presses offer a broad field of application for cutting, punching and forming small to medium-sized parts. Additionally with servo presses, the plunger movement can be accelerated or decelerated as required by varying the motor speed. The pressing cycle of servo presses can therefore be individually controlled and flexibly adapted to various requirements. In this way, higher productivity or product quality as well as operation with lower stressing can be achieved with servo presses.

Solution example for servo presses

Do you want to combine the flexibility of hydraulic presses and the speed of mechanical presses – and at the same time profit from the greatest possible energy efficiency with servo presses? Then we have the perfect solution for you: SIMOTION SimoPress Servo. This covers all the major properties for servo presses. The special highlight: Together with the SIMOTION SimoTrans, SIMOTION SimoFeed and SIMOTION SimoRoll solutions, we offer a complete press package with which the complete PressShop can respond more flexibly, more economically and more productively to the changing production requirements.


  • High performance through scalable and variable quantity structure on drive axes

  • Protection and monitoring functions with the emphasis on tool protection and press force monitoring

  • Flexible production through automatic calculation of an energy-optimized movement for the press plunger

  • Increased energy efficiency through innovative energy management