Solutions for large presses

Modular system for all requirements

Large presses are considered to be large-part transfer presses and suction transfer presses, press lines and individual presses that are always constructed individually. They are required for the manufacturing of large, large-surface series parts, for example, in the automotive, electrical and domestic appliances industry. Its main drive can be designed as a hydraulic or (servo) mechanical drive.

Large presses are usually complete plants. They comprise conveyor systems and cutting presses, loading and unloading systems, transfer or feeder systems as well as automatic tool changers and other auxiliary equipment.

Solution example for a press line

The control concept of the complete press line, as well as the machine concept, is constructed modularly. The control sequence and the safety functions on and involving the press can be implemented with a single system, the SIMATIC S7-F with PROFIBUS/PROFINET being used to connect the I/O signals.

A holistic concept for the large press automation

In particular, the drive and automation technology must be uniform for large presses. This includes:

  • A master computer for the machine and production data acquisition

  • High-performance machine control systems

  • Bus system for the data communication over the entire machine including the safety engineering

  • Operating, diagnostic and visualization systems

  • The complete range of drive technology,
    from small auxiliary and servo drives through to the main drives in the 0.12 kW to 28 MW power range

  • Certified safety engineering in all devices


  • Production reliability
    thanks to material- and machine-protecting motion control

  • Intelligent energy management
    with Active Line Modules for continuous pressing operation and energy saving

  • Cost optimization through the reduction of spare parts
    through the use of standard components