Servohydraulic presses

Sample solution for servohydraulic presses

In general, systems equipped with a servo pump require only half the amount of energy compared to presses being operated in the relevant phases. The major savings effect is achieved during idle times when the servo-driven pump stops and has a low energy consumption, whereas the pumps used in existing solutions must continue running with reduced performance (15 - 20 %). The servo pump solution ensures utmost productivity together with superior availability.

Overview about the technology

The solution for the servohydraulic press comprises the following:

  • Regulation of the hydraulic pumps (servo pump)

  • Machine control

  • Loading and unloading systems

  • Sensors for measuring the position, pressure and speed


  • Superior process quality
    through closed-loop control

  • Exact press forces
    in the individual axes

  • Energy-efficient and quiet
    by using servo pumps

  • Energy management
    in order to reduce and eliminate energy peaks