Solutions for roller feed

Flexible, precise and high performance

The electronic roll feeding is an integral part of almost every modern conveyor fed press and punch, and is frequently implemented as a stand-alone, electrically driven machine unit. Mechanical components of a complex construction in the roll feeding are replaced by intelligent units. Apart from the flexibility, the productivity of the production equipment is permanently increased.

Solution example for roll feeding with SIMOTION D

The combination of modular SIMOTION motion control system, SINAMICS S120 drive system and special highly dynamic servomotors form an innovative solution for the roll feeding that can be optimally adapted to the respective field of application, based on the SimoRoll application software. As the SIMOTION platform is independent of the drives to be controlled, this mechatronic solution is also suitable for the modernization of an existing roll feeding (retrofit).


  • Flexible drive concepts
    for all-in-one and multi-axis solutions

  • High control performance

  • Minimization of production downtimes
    through precise and high-performance motion control