Solutions for feeder systems


In order to increase the cost effectiveness of a press line, the workpiece transport in modern production lines from the infeed through the chaining of the press stages to the storage of the finished parts is performed fully automatically through feeder systems. In sheet metal working, this results in greater flexibility in the production sequence, so that large numbers can be manufactured at very high rates and also that components can still be manufactured economically in small batch sizes. The feeder systems function autonomously, either via the cam controller of the press control unit or depending on the press master value.

Solution example for feeder systems

With SIMOTION, you can achieve flexible production sequences and at the same time reduce production downtimes. This can only be achieved with highly dynamic motion control which also reduces maintenance cycles by ensuring careful material handling.

The automation solution with SIMOTION

SIMOTION perfectly combines sequential (logic), motion and technology functions. To keep your engineering costs as low as possible, we provide ready-to-use feeder functions in SIMOTION and ready-to-use operating screens for WinCC flexible.


  • Productivity increase
    through optimization of the traversing times by means of master value coupling

  • Extensive diagnostic options
    between all components

  • Rationalization of the production sequence
    by means of positioning and tool data management