Sample application for handling task in the food industry


In the following example, an application for the primary packaging of meat has been implemented. The products incoming on a conveyor belt are picked up and then deposited in primary packages which are transported via another conveyor belt. The position and orientation of the individual products is recorded via a camera system and managed via a product register.


  • Synchronizing to conveyor belts

  • Integrating a camera system

  • Managing products regarding position, orientation and distance


  • Basic library: Handling Advanced

  • Expansion library: Product Register

  • Control: SIMOTION D445 for motion control and PLC

Customer benefits

  • Delta3 kinematics integrated in the system

  • Lower engineering costs using standard software modules and a preconfigured HMI solution

  • Working area monitoring using blocked, alarm and product zones

  • Automatical synchronizing to conveyor belts

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