Servopump solution

The advantages of the Siemens servopump solution as overview:

  • High energy efficiency because the pressure and the volumetric flow are not controlled by the choking effect of valves,but rather with the torque and speed of a servomotor

  • Simple upgrade as replacement for a classic hydraulic system possible because the converter control unit controls the motor independently

  • High dynamic response and so high yield thanks to the servomotor with small rotor moment of inertia

  • Very compact system (only a small pressure accumulator required)

  • Cost-efficient solution

  • Short oil pipes possible (and recommended)

  • Low noise level

  • Scalable: the servopump can be dimensioned based on the required pressing force and dynamic response

Since 2012, Waltec glass presses with the energy-saving servopump system have been deployed in applications at well-known manufacturers throughout the world and have proved their practicability and efficiency in harsh continuous operation. Whereas only single punch machines were equipped initially, in the meantime, the economic operation has also been proved on machines with two or three punches.