The Individual Section machine (IS machine) is the most commonly used machine in the hollow glass production. It is used primarily for the production of mass goods, in particular, beverage bottles.
An IS machine is a series of individual production modules (so-called "sections") that produce containers independently of each other. Above the machine, the supply machine located at the feeder head cuts with cooled cutters individual glass drops that are then fed to the production sections via the drop distributor and a gutter system.
In the stations, the glass melts are processed to form finished containers by means of the blow-blow or press-blow process and transported to the cooling belt via a transport belt. The machines are driven pneumatically and for more recent types via electrical servodrives fully-automatic.

Example solution

Speed and precision are some of the most important properties of IS machines. Consequently, they place the highest demands on the automation and drive technology. Siemens with the SIMOTION D motion control controller supplies the ultra-fast clock generator of an IS machine. The modules of the IS machine (plunger, cutter, drop distributor and the individual stations) are synchronized exactly with each other using the SIMOTION "distributed synchronous operation" functionality.

Technology overview

Modularity with SIMOTION

Strictly modular design

The throughput of an IS machine can be scaled by the number of modules or also extended subsequently

Identical sections are controlled by SIMOTION

SIMOTION controllers are synchronized exactly with each other

SIMOTION routes safety-relevant signals directly to the SINAMICS drive

Many safety functions implemented in the drive without requiring additional hardware


Siemens offers innovative concepts for the automation and drive technology for IS machines with the following advantages:

  • Exact synchronization
    between the modules of the IS machine: SIMOTION D motion control controller as ultra-fast clock generator

  • Modular architecture
    with SIMOTION simplifies the integration, maintenance and expandability

  • Improved productivity
    thanks to the safety technology integrated in the SINAMICS S120 drive