Traversing drive


The Traversing drive application implements the technological control of the transversing drive. The transversing drive follows the winder drive, either in the system via an electronic gear (the winder itself is then also controlled from the automation system) - or externally via a machine encoder. The traversing drive profile is emulated using a cam; this can also be influenced during operation via parameters.

Function overview

  • Traversing profile with parameterizable stroke, spike, offset angle, wait angle, acceleration angle, winding step and coil edge coordinates

  • Parameters can be changed in operation

  • Coil profile

  • Diameter calculation


It includes standardized functions for traversing drive, and can run on the following automation platforms:


For high performance motion control applications with central intelligence combined with SINAMICS S120 drive systems


For drive-based applications with process-related implementation of the closed-loop control in the SINAMICS S120 drive system using DCC (Drive Control Chart)

Additional standard applications associated with the traversing arm application from the Converting Toolbox

Tension control



Axis function block