SINAMICS S120 DCB Extension "GMC" and "Math Extended" libraries


The GMC library offers blocks to implement motion control applications in the SINAMICS S120 (drive-related applications). With the "GMC" block library for motion control, these elementary functions are available as individual function blocks - and in some instances as combination of several functions. The blocks can be combined as required, therefore implementing both basic as well as complex drive functions.
The Math Extended library offers blocks to execute trigonometrical calculations - such as arc sine or arc cosine - but also logarithmic calculations such as decadic or natural logarithms. Further, it offers supplementary logic functions such as word-wise AND and OR functions.

Function overview

  • Significant expansion of the DCC functional scope

  • Drive-related solutions of positioning and synchronous applications

  • Drive-related, complex mathematical calculations

  • Migration from MASTERDRIVES F01 possible

SIMATIC S7-1200/1500 library to control the SINAMICS S120 applications that have been described

The LMCSINA library (Library Motion Control SINAMICS) allows the control of the synchronous applications available for the SINAMICS S120 based on DCB-Extension - as well as the "flying saw" and "crosscutter" applications.