SIMATIC Converting Toolbox: Winders


The standard SIMATIC winder application provides SIMATIC users with support when engineering and programming a wide range of winder applications - with and without tension control - based on SIMATIC S7 for machines to process continuous material webs.
As a result of the openness of the application, it is possible, when required, to configure the application or, if required, modify it to suit individual requirements. For example, for foil machines, printing machines, coating systems, paper finishing systems, textile machines; downstream machines in the printing industry.

Available blocks

General tools

  • Cycle time determination

  • Ramp-function generator (with or without jerk limiting)

  • Characteristic block (20 or 180 interpolation points)

  • Linear interpolation between two interpolation points

  • Interpolation of an interpolation point table

  • Limit value monitoring

  • Braking distance and time calculation

Drive functions

  • Recording a friction characteristic, e.g. for the winding block

  • Activating interfaces

Closed-loop control related functions

  • PT1 element

  • Derivative action element/integrator

  • • DT1 filter

  • Dead zone and dead band filter

  • Limiter with feedback signal

  • Limit value monitoring

  • PID controller

  • Sliding average value generator