Converting Solutions

Simply complying with complex requirements

Our converting solutions create the ideal prerequisites for continually optimizing the productivity of your machines. Our products, systems and services provide the latest technology, customized functions and excellent quality. All of this is included in our portfolio that is globally unique to address all the requirements of the sector.

Our solutions address all of the requirements relating to the converting industry:

Continuous processing of material webs, e.g.

  • Paper, board, plastics, metal, non-woven materials, woven materials,
    for coating machines, laminating machines, cross cutters (rotating and excentric), flying saws, winding and traversing systems, winding and cutting machines

Machines for producing hygiene articles, e.g.

  • Products in the health sector (e.g. wound care, operating room mats, masks, incontinence products)

  • Tissue machines (paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs, kitchen towels, cosmetic pads, toilet paper)

  • Diapers for babies and adults, panty liners and underwear


Our Converting-Toolbox is the basis for our solutions. With the standardized automation package, you you can base your solutions on completely functional solutions and tested know-how - perfectly documented and tested in advance. You can immediately engineer customized solutions for your specific sector. A significant advantage of Siemens solutions is that several applications (of the Converting Toolbox) can be operated in parallel on one control system.