SINAMICS S120 - Technology functions


SINAMICS S120 offers comprehensive Standard and Advanced Technology Functions, which significantly expand the range of applications that SINAMICS drives can address. These functions are not permanently connected with one another which would mean that they would not be able to be modified.  Instead, they can be interrupted at defined intervention points and interconnected/wired again. This makes it possible to implement positioning functions, closed-loop control of process variables as well as logically and arithmetically interlinking signals in the sequence control and the closed-loop control circuits of the drive.

SINAMICS S120 basic positioner (EPos)

The basic positioner (EPos) in SINAMICS S120 is part of the Standard Technology Functions for absolute and relative positioning of linear and rotary axes with motor encoder and machine Encoder.

EPos – integrated positioning functions

With the integrated EPos positioning functions, an additional higher-level control is not required for many positioning applications. Further, this integrated functionality is also extremely flexible: It can be used for servo control with a high dynamic performance – as well as for more basic applications with vector-controlled induction motors.   When commissioning, up to 64 target positions or travel paths as well as the associated travel velocities can be permanently saved in the drive. Positioning can be specified to either be absolute or relative. Further, it is also possible to transfer these parameters from a higher-level PLC as required. It is even possible to change the target positions and velocities on the fly when positioning.

Drive Control Chart (DCC) for SINAMICS S120

Drive Control Chart (DCC) in SINAMICS S120 is part of the Advanced Technology Functions for simple, graphical configuration of control, logic and calculation functions at the drive level.

Optimum adaptation to the drive task

SINAMICS Drive Control Charts provide the option of freely configuring technological functions for the SINAMICS S120 drive system very simply in STARTER. As a consequence, users have a new dimension when it comes to individually adapting the system to address the specific drive tasks of their particular machine. Drive Control Charts (DCC) are control, arithmetic and logic blocks that are available in a drive control block (DCB) that can be used to configure specific functions. Using the DCC Editor, multi-instance-capable blocks can be linked by dragging and dropping to create open-loop and closed-loop control functions. DCC has no restrictions with regard to the number of usable functions; this is only limited by the performance capability of the target platform. Variables of the Drive Control Charts can be published as SINAMICS parameters and coupled into the control structure in any position via SINAMICS BICO technology.

Drive Control Block (DCB) Extension for SINAMICS S120

Drive Control Block (DCB) Extension for SINAMICS S120

Drive Control Block (DCB) Extension in SINAMICS S120 is part of the Advanced Technology Functions. DCB Extension is an extension of the block scope, which can be used as additional, autonomous library in the DCC-Editor. The additional libraries can be generated using DCB Studio.

With the DCB Extension, the "GMC" additive block library for motion control is available for SINAMICS S120. This library contains a collection of new motion control blocks for typical tasks, such as positioning, referencing/homing, aligning, catching-up/stopping, cams, engaging/disengaging, gearing and many more Using these blocks, the following positioning and synchronous operation functions can be implemented with SINAMICS DCC in the SINAMICS S120 drive system:

  • Positioning

  • 1:1 synchronous Operation

  • Gearing

  • Gearing and positioning

  • Camming

Further, with DCB Extension there is the possibility of creating user-specific blocks. The blocks are then created in DCB Studio in a high-level language. They are available in SINAMICS DCC as a separate library and can be combined with the DCB standard library blocks.

SINAMICS S120 Technology Extensions (TEC)

SINAMICS Technology Extensions (TEC) are integral components of the Advanced Technology functions. SINAMICS TEC provide high-performance, application-specific solutions. This technology is used if other possible solutions provided by the Advanced Technology functions (SINAMICS DCC with DCB Standard and DCB Extension) are not suitable. It provides utmost performance and can be flexibly and individually adjusted to customer-specific requirements. SINAMICS TEC applications are therefore created by Siemens AG in close cooperation with the customer. As a SINAMICS TEC solution, for example, the SINAMICS VIBX oscillation damping is provided for storage and retrieval systems.