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SINAMICS V20 Basic converter

The versatile converter for basic solutions

SINAMICS V20 – Description

Siemens is offering a simple and cost-effective drive solution with its compact SINAMICS V20 Basic Performance converter. SINAMICS V20 sets itself apart as a result of its quick commissioning times, ease of operation, robustness and cost-efficiency. With seven frame sizes, it covers a power range extending from 0.12 kW up to 30 kW.

SINAMICS V20 – Highlights

We made it even smaller.

Smart Access

Extension module

With the frame sizes FSAA and FSAB for the single-phase 230V mains operation, the SINAMICS V20 is Siemen´s smallest converter on the market so far. With a width of just 68 millimeters and a height of 142 millimeters, the corporation has substantially reduced the installation dimensions of the SINAMICS V20 for low powered motors. Optionally the devices are available with integrated radio interference filter, which allows compliance with disturbance limit according to IEC 61800-3 category C1 when installed according to EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) in the cabinet. Consequently the frame sizes FSAA and FSAB comply with the disturbance requirements of industrial applications as well as with applications in residential and business areas, e.g. for commercial use such as refrigerated counters, workout devices, ventilation systems, commercial washing machines, etc.

Easy commissioning, operation and diagnostics with the webserver module SINAMICS V20 Smart Access

The new SINAMICS V20 Smart Access webserver module (option) can easily be mounted on the converter. It makes the use of the SINAMICS V20 converter even more simple and convenient, allowing wireless commissioning and operation via smartphone, tablet or laptop.


- Commissioning with commissioning wizard
- Parameter setting and saving
- Run motor in JOG mode
- Monitoring converter status
- Quick diagnosis
- Backup and restore Settings

SINAMICS V20 can now address even more applications.

Increase the number of inputs and outputs of the SINAMICS V20 400V converter with the new I/O extension module.

Simply mounted onto the converter, the module provides 2 additional digital inputs and 2 relay outputs to the converter. This means that the converter now can come up with the following inputs and outputs:

- 2 analog inputs 
- 4 digital outputs
- 1 analog outputs

Equipped with connection ports on its front- and backside, the module may be used in combination with other accessories of the SINAMICS V20 such as the Smart Access web server module, the BOP and the BOP interface.

This new option increases the functionality of SINAMICS V20 converters. For example, it can now be used for multi-pump control, where one V20 can control a maximum of four pumps.

Video SINAMICS V20 Smart Access webserver module

SINAMICS V20 – an overview of its strengths

Easy to install

  • Push-through and wall mounting – side-by-side possible for both

  • USS and MODBUS RTU at terminals

  • Integrated braking chopper from 7.5 kW to 30 kW (10 hp up to 40 hp)

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) category C1/C2

Easy to use

  • Parameter loading without power supply

  • Easy commissioning, operation and diagnosis with the webserver module SINAMICS V20 Smart Access

  • Integrated application and connection macros

  • Keep Running Mode for uninterrupted operation

  • Wide voltage range, advanced cooling design and coated PCBs increase robustness

Easy to save money

  • ECO mode for V/f, V²/f  /  Hibernation mode

  • Monitoring energy and water flows

  • High overload and low overload mode for frame size FSE

SINAMICS V20 – an overview of the technology

Voltage and power range:

1AC 200 V - 240 V, ±10 %
3AC 380 V - 480 V +10 % / -15 %
0.12 kW - 30 kW (0.17 hp up to 40 hp)

Control modes:

V/f, V 2/f, FCC, V/f multi-point

SINAMICS V20 – typical applications

SINAMICS V20 has a compact design, and can be individually adapted to the particular application or user requirements using various options (for example, an external BOP, connecting cable, filter, braking resistors, shielding, ...). The compact devices are suitable for industrial applications, such as pumps, fans, compressors and conveyor systems. On the other hand, the compact converters can also be used in residential and business environments – for commercial applications, such as refrigerated counters, fitness equipment, ventilation systems and commercial washing machines.