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Supplementary system components

SINAMICS frequency inverters are compact and can be used for most of the applications.

Additional options

  • provide even more mains friendly solutions,

  • facilitate configurations which are suitable for EMC

  • allow to operate and activate the devices in a versatile manner.

Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP-2)

Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP-2) + IOP-2 Handheld

Color display, new functions and an even more functional design – with its new IOP-2, SIEMENS has made it easier and faster for you to commission SINAMICS G converters – and it is now even simpler to adapt the settings in operation. The new low-profile operator panel design and the integrated membrane keypad with a central control field are some of the features that really stand out.

New device design

  • Intuitive user interface – membrane keypad with a central sensor control field

  • High-contrast color display with various display options

  • Open for future expanded functionality (e.g. device functions, wizards, languages)

  • Can be simply upgraded to a new function release via the USB port


  • SINAMICS G converters and the associated standard applications can be simply commissioned by using wizards

  • Cloning function for fast series commissioning

  • Simple configuration of an Ethernet-based fieldbus Interface

  • The device name of the fieldbus interface can be modified using the virtual IOP-2 Keyboard

Operator control and visualization

  • Simple, individualized local drive operation (start/stop, setpoint input, direction of rotation Change)

  • Application-specific scenarios can be easily implemented, e.g. operating concepts with additional external operating devices

Diagnostics and support

  • Simple diagnostics locally on site

  • Product information, documentation, FAQs, contact partners can be quickly accessed via mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) using a two-dimensional code (data matrix/QR code) generated at the IOP-2

  • Customer support can be directly contacted using a code generated at the IOP-2

The new SINAMICS IOP-2 is compatible with the following converter series: SINAMICS G120C, SINAMICS G120, SINAMICS G120P, SINAMICS G110D, SINAMICS G120D, SINAMICS G110M, and SIMATIC ET 200pro FC-2.

Simple local commissioning using the IOP-2 handheld version of the Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP-2)

Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2)

Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2)
Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2)

The Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2) for newcomers and drive experts. Thanks to the menu navigation and the two-line display nothing could be easier than starting up standard drives. The simultaneous representation of parameter and parameter value as well as parameter filtration make the basic start-up of the drive extremely user-friendly, and in most cases you don´t need to see a printed list of parameters.

  • Can be mounted in the control cabinet door using a door mounting kit (achievable degree of protection is IP54/ UL Type 12)

  • Standard commissioning using the clone function

  • Direct manual operation of the drive – you can simply toggle between the automatic and manual modes

  • 2-line display for showing up to 2 process values with text

  • Diagnostics with menu prompting with 7-segment display

Memory Cards

The parameter settings for an inverter can be stored on the memory card. Parameter settings can be written from the memory card to the inverter or saved from the inverter to the memory card.

  • High enclosure availability by an automatic data acceptance after a device switching.

  • Up to 100 parameter sets can be stored.

  • Memory card also with firmware available. This allows an automatic firmware update/downgrade during the power up.

  • The memory card supports standard commissioning without the use of an operator panel such as the IOP, BOP-2 or the STARTER commissioning tools and SINAMICS Startdrive.


  • The memory card is not required for operation and does not have to remain inserted.

  • Licenses can be optionally ordered for CU250S-2 Control Units in order to implement safety technology and positioning capability via the memory card.

More Supplementary system components

More Supplementary system components, for example

  • (Safe) Brake Relay

  • Blanking covers

  • Shield connection kits

  • Adapter for mounting on DIN rails

  • PC inverter connection kit

components you will find in our Online Catalog (Industry Mall). Please follow the navigation on the right side.

Siemens Product Partner for Drives Options

In order to comply with as many customer requirements as possible in the drive technology domain, in addition to its own products, Siemens is also using individual supplementary services offered by selected Partners.