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Accessories for MICROMASTER

For a wide range of uses and tasks, the frequency inverters from the MICROMASTER family meet your requirements. Their compact design and application capabilities are characteristic features of the whole MICROMASTER family. But these are not the only advantages of our inverters. There are also additional options which can be used to improve energy efficiency, EMC compatibility or provide greater flexibility in user operation.

Advanced Operator Panel (AOP)

The Advanced Operator Panel (AOP) has been designed to allow easy control and monitoring of the MICROMASTER 4th Generation inverters. In comparison to the Basic Operator Panel (BOP) the AOP offers more advanced communication and configuration options and control of the MM4 range.The 120 x 32 pixel backlit LCD screen offers the user the ability to view detailed information about the operating status of the inverter as well as the parameter settings and values in numerical and text based formats. The AOP also includes a context sensitive help function. The AOP provides the user with the ability to communicate simultaneously with multiple drives, especially valuable is the ability to upload complete parameter sets into the AOP and then download that parameter set into any number of inverters.

Basic Operator Panel (BOP)

With the BOP, individual parameter settings can be made. Values and units are shown on a 5-digit display. A BOP can be used for several inverters. It can be directly mounted on the inverter or in a control-cabinet door using a mounting kit.

Profibus Communications Module

The function of the PROFIBUS-DP communication board (PROFIBUS optional board) is to provide a PROFIBUS-DP-based link between drives of the

Essential features:

  • The board is connected to the PROFIBUS system via bus connector complying with the PROFIBUS standard.

  • All connections to this RS485 interface are short-circuit-proof and isolated.

  • The PROFIBUS optional board supports baud rates of 9.6 kbaud to 12 MBaud.

  • Fiber optics can be connected using Optical Link Plugs (OLPs) or Optical Link Modules (OLMs).

  • It is a module which can be snapped onto the drive inverter.

DeviceNet Communications Module

The DeviceNet™ communications option can be used for the MICROMASTER 420, 430 and MICROMASTER 440 inverters. This means that the MICROMASTER can also be networked in the US American market with the communication structures which are predominant there.

Essential features:

  • It is a module which can be snapped onto the drive inverter.

  • The following data transfer rates are supported 125, 250 and 500 kbaud.

  • The module is certified by the ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association).

  • A separate power supply is not required.

Pulse-encoder Evaluation Module

The MICROMASTER Encoder Module has been designed to allow the MICROMASTER 440 inverter to interface with the most common types of digital encoders directly to the inverter.The Encoder Module can use High-voltage Transistor Logic (HTL) and Transistor Transistor Logic (TTL) digital encoders. With the Encoder Module fitted to the MICROMASTER 440 it allows closed-loop encoder feedback with the following benefits:

  • Zero speed with full load torque capability

  • Accurate speed control

  • Enhanced dynamic perfomance of speed and torque control

  • It is a module which can be snapped onto the drive inverter

Simple Commissioning Software

With each inverter, you receive the "Starter" commissioning tool. This makes it very easy to configure and start up your MICROMASTER with the help of a PC. The program guides you through the commissioning process step by step – it couldn’t be simpler.

More Options

Connection set for PC to inverter
For controlling an inverter directly from PC if the appropriate software has been installed (e.g. STARTER) in the PC. Isolated RS-232 adapter board for reliable point-to-point connection to a PC. Includes a Sub-D connector an an RS-232 standard cable (3m).
Operator panel door mounting kit for single inverter control
For mounting an operator panel in a control cabinet door. Degree of protection is IP56. Contains a cable adapter board with screwless terminals for use with the user’s own cables.
AOP door mounting kit for multiple inverter control (USS)
For mounting an AOP in a control cabinet door. Degree of protection IP56. The AOP can communicate with several inverters by means of the RS-485 USS protocol.