Safety Integrated

Looking for a motor starter for fail-safe shutdown of motors?

Then the ET 200S motor starters offer you flexible solutions.

With the ET 200S motor starters, you can shut down motors safely as desired. Two concepts are available for implementing safe shutdown.

Safety Solution local

With the Safety Solution local, only a standard controller is required. This is because the fail-safe power module handles evaluation of the sensors and actuators. The power module can be combined with the standard motor starter, the high-feature motor starter and the fail-safe motor starter. However, the standard motor starter must be combined with an F Kit.

This means this solution is especially suitable for locally limited safety engineering. In this way, a protective door or an emergency stop switch can be monitored easily. An emergency stop switch, for example, is simply wired to the fail-safe power module, as shown in the figure below. However, with this solution concept, only group shutdowns of motors are possible.

Safety Solution local safety concept and ET 200S motor starters

Integrated safety concept with Solution PROFIsafe

The Safety Solution PROFIsafe is the second option for fail-safe shutdown of motors. It is especially suitable for demanding safety applications that are networked together.

It can therefore be used for complex safety solutions. Thanks to the PROFIsafe connection, the sensors can be distributed across large areas in the plant. The sensors and actuators in this concept are freely programmable. This concept has another benefit: it enables selective fail-safe shutdown of individual motor starters.

In combination with the fail-safe motor starters, the concept thus meets the highest safety demands to SIL 3 and PL e in accordance with IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1.

Solution PROFIsafe safety concept and ET 200S motor starters