ET 200S motor starters

All ET 200S motor starters start and protect motors up to 7.5 kW. In addition, all ET 200S motor starters include integrated overload, short-circuit and full motor protection. All motor starters also include an integrated braking function. They are available optionally as direct-on-line starters or reversing starters, and in different performance classes.

The supply voltage only has to be connected once, after which an energy bus with up to 50 A supplies all modules with current. This saves on wiring. Devices can also be replaced during operation without tools.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Cost reductions in configuring and installation thanks to pre-wired load feeders

  • Powerful thanks to permanent wiring and hot swapping

  • Flexible thanks to modular concept of the SIMATIC ET 200S

  • With all ET 200S motor starters, fail-safe shutdown is possible thanks to different designs

Depending on the version of the individual motor starters, there are different technical features.

Standard motor starters

Standard motor starter
Standard reversing starter

The standard motor starter switches electromechanically up to 5.5 kW, which provides benefits during operation since it has a positive effect on power loss. The standard motor starter is only available in trip class 10. In addition, each standard motor starter includes an integral thermal overload release and integral asymmetry detection.

Commissioning is simple with the standard motor starter because all values are already parameterized. If the standard motor starter is combined with an F Kit and an additional incoming supply contactor, fail-safe shutdown of motors is possible.

High-feature motor starters

High-feature motor starter including soft start functionality
High-feature motor starter as reversing starter
High-feature motor starter as direct-on-line starter

As well as the properties of the standard motor starter, the high-feature motor starter offers other benefits. This is because, depending on the version, it switches three-phase motors up to 7.5 k W electromechanically or electronically.

Another highlight of the high-feature motor starter is ease of parameterization. For example, parameterization of electronic overload protection and the trip classes. Also included in the high-feature motor starter for the protection of the motor are residual current detection, parameterizable current limits, and a block protection function. This increases both plant availability and diagnostics capabilities.

If the high-feature motor starter is combined with an F Kit and an additional incoming supply contactor, fail-safe shutdown of motors is possible.

Another highlight with the electronically starting high-feature motor starter is the integral soft starter functionality.

Fail-safe motor starters

ET 200S fail-safe motor starter

Looking for a fail-safe motor starter for safety applications distributed across wide areas?

Then the fail-safe range of the ET 200S motor starters is the right solution.

The fail-safe motor starters were developed on the basis of the high-feature motor starter. In addition to the features of the high-feature motor starter, the fail-safe motor starter offers double-processor monitoring. This means the contactors switch in normal operation. However, if a fault occurs, the double processor safely trips the circuit breaker. This enables fail-safe tripping even in the case of welded contactor contacts. Each individual motor starter thus achieves Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 and Performance Level (PL) e without additional redundancy contactors.

The contactors are monitored independently of a safety event. The fail-safe motor starters are thus also suitable for use in high availability processes.