Motor Starters ET 200S


Looking for a flexible solution for starting and protecting motors?

The ET 200S discretely modular motor starters in the SIMATIC ET 200S I/O system are the solution: They start and protect motors up to 7.5 kW and are installed in distributed configurations in the control cabinet, for example, in plant and mechanical engineering.

This makes the motor starters eminently suitable for distributed drive solutions.

The modular concept of the SIMATIC ET 200S keeps you flexible: This is because modularity is the system's characteristic feature. It can thus be adapted at any time.


The components of the ET 200S are perfectly matched. This saves time during installation and service work because the motor starter modules are prewired. Depending on the application, customized solutions can also be implemented thanks to the modularity of the SIMATIC ET 200S system.

Performance capability

The motor starters can be replaced during operation. This is also possible without isolation. The application remains operational at the same time. This is because, on the one hand, the permanent wiring enables hot swapping. And on the other, re-parameterization takes place automatically following device replacement, which increases system availability.

System-wide integration

The SIMATIC ET 200S is an extremely high-performance I/O system because it enables extensive parameterization, commissioning and diagnostics functions in the respective drive train. The distributed design also enables fast response times on-site. This is made possible by offloading the centralized controllers.