Finding the right soft starter quickly

Simulation Tool for Soft Starters (STS)

With the new Simulation Tool for Soft Starters (STS) we are providing a convenient way of designing soft starters using a simple, quick and easy-to-use interface. Entering the motor and load data will simulate the application and prompt suggestions for suitable soft starters.

Advantages at a glance

  • Quick, easy and user-friendly interface

  • Complete and up-to-date Siemens motor database, including IE3 motors

  • Update capable (for new soft starters, motors or functions)

  • Quick simulation with only a few basic inputs

  • Immediate display of starting curves and diagrams with limit values

  • Table view of possible soft starters for the given application

Entering the motor and load data (left) and displaying the simulation data (right)

Soft Starter ES

The Soft Starter ES software supports the parameterization and evaluation of SIRIUS 3RW44 - our soft starter solution for high-feature applications.

PCS 7 block library

The PCS 7 block library facilitates the easy and comfortable integration of SIRIUS 3RW44 soft starters in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system.