Motor Management and Control Devices SIMOCODE pro

Extensive motor data for increased process control quality

Can you prevent faults in automated processes and costly plant downtimes? What is the best way to avoid faults in your system or detect pending errors at an early stage? Our answer: SIMOCODE PRO – the flexible and modular motor control system for low-voltage motors.


  • Extensive protection, monitoring, safety and control functions between the motor starter and the automation system in just one compact system

  • Functions independently of the controller

  • Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations

  • Detailed operating, service, and diagnostic data for increased transparency throughout your plant

  • Connection to process control systems using the most important communication protocols: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus RTU and OPC UA

  • Simple configuration and fast commissioning

Intelligent Motor Control Centers (iMCC)

At the heart of an intelligent Motor Control Center is a communication-capable motor manager device (SIMOCODE) that monitors the motor and other key process variables.

Oil lubrication pumps application with SIMOCODE

Monitoring of an oil lubrication pump with Simocode pro motor manager ensures maximum reliability of the gas turbine.

Gas supply plants with motor management system

Intelligent motor management system enhances the safety of staff and equipment

Withdrawable in SIVACON Motor Control Centers

Fast component replacement in a particularly short time increases plant availability