Motor Management and Control Devices SIMOCODE pro

Flexible, open and safe

Can you prevent faults in automated processes and costly plant downtimes? What is the best way to avoid faults in your system or detect pending errors at an early stage? Our answer: SIMOCODE PRO – the flexible and modular motor control system for low-voltage motors. It can easily and directly be connected to automation systems via PROFIBUS or PROFINET and covers all functional requirements between the motor starter and the automation system – including the fail-safe disconnection of motors. Further, SIMOCODE pro combines in just one compact system all required protection, monitoring, safety and control functions. The motor management system thus helps you to increase the process control quality and reduce costs at the same time – from planning through installation right to operation or service of a plant or system.

Get ready for current and future requirements and benefit from SIMOCODE pro:

  • Save time, space and money

  • Discover the simplicity of the system, thanks to fewer components for all required functions

  • Protect your flexibility with the aid of optional expansion modules

  • Gain transparency throughout your system with extensive data provision

SIRIUS pro S and ES in TIA Portal

Smart and compact – easy start in motor management with SIMOCODE pro S