Expansion Modules

Siemens - Expansion Modules

Expansion modules are optional extras for the SIMOCODE pro V device series.

The following modules can be used:

  • Digital modules

  • Analog modules

  • Earth fault modules

  • Temperature modules

Digital modules

extend the number and type of existing binary inputs and outputs:

  • by four inputs each (24 V DC or 110...240 V AC/DC)

  • by two relay outputs each (optionally mono- or

Up to two digital modules can be connected; together with the basic unit, SIMOCODE pro V can thus be extended to a maximum of 12 binary inputs and 7 relay outputs.

Analog modules

expand SIMOCODE pro V by two analog inputs and one analog output. This permits, for example, the implementation of  level or flow monitoring.

Earth fault modules

in connection with a 3UL22 summation current transformer, offer the possibility of high-performance external earth fault detection.

Temperature modules

offer the opportunity to extend the existing thermistor motor protection with analog temperature detection (e.g. Pt100/Pt1000/KTY/NTC).