RUGGEDCOM Network Management

RUGGEDCOM NMS is a scalable, fully-featured, enterprise-grade solution for monitoring, configuring and maintaining RUGGEDCOM mission-critical networks. It  improves operational efficiency, speeds up system provisioning, and preserves data validity, while allowing focus on the key events in the network.

Configure your RUGGEDCOM product

The RUGGEDCOM-Selector lets you configure Siemens RUGGEDCOM products quickly, easily, and efficiently, by using targeted navigation through selection menus or by entering item numbers. Selected products can then be ordered directly by transferring the parts list into the Industry Mall.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Management of your RUGGEDCOM and IP-network.

  • Auto-discovery of devices, links and services.

  • Real time monitoring and notification of events, thresholds and alarms.

  • Greater network visibility to enable proactive corrective actions and improved capacity utilization

  • Pre-defined and customizable performance reports and dashboard desk.

  • Web Based Graphical maps


  • Monitors a large number of nodes from a single workstation

  • Versatile pooling engine adapt rules used to customer needs

  • Continuous collection of traffic statistics for analysis and reporting