RUGGEDCOM Network Management

RUGGEDCOM NMS is a scalable, fully-featured, enterprise-grade solution for monitoring, configuring and maintaining RUGGEDCOM mission-critical networks. It  improves operational efficiency, speeds up system provisioning, and preserves data validity, while allowing focus on the key events in the network.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Management of your RUGGEDCOM and IP-network.

  • Auto-discovery of devices, links and services.

  • Real time monitoring and notification of events, thresholds and alarms.

  • Greater network visibility to enable proactive corrective actions and improved capacity utilization

  • Pre-defined and customizable performance reports and dashboard desk.

  • Web Based Graphical maps


  • Monitors a large number of nodes from a single workstation

  • Versatile pooling engine adapt rules used to customer needs

  • Continuous collection of traffic statistics for analysis and reporting