CP 5711


SIMATIC NET CP 5711 is a USB V2.0 adapter for connecting SIMATIC PC/PGs or notebooks with a USB port to PROFIBUS up to 12 Mbit/s. The SIMATIC NET CP 5711 expands the product range of PROFIBUS PC modules with another component in the area of mobile devices (such as notebooks).

Communication services:

  • PROFIBUS DP master Class 1 and 2 according to IEC 61158/IEC 61784 with SOFTNET DP software product

  • PROFIBUS DP slave with the software product SOFTNET DP slave

  • PG/OP communication with the STEP 5 or STEP 7 software product

  • S7 communication with the SOFTNET S7 software product

  • Open communication (SEND/RECEIVE on basis of the FDL interface) with the SOFTNET DP or SOFTNET S7 software product.

Can be used with:

  • STEP 7 V5.4 and SP5

  • SOFTNET S7 V7.1

  • WinCC/WinCC flexible

  • SOFTNET DP, DP Slave V7.1

  • NCM PC V5.4 and SP5

  • STEP 7/MicroWin


The new CP 5711 offers the complete functional scope which is already familiar from CP 5512. The following additional functions have also been integrated:

  • Development of PG/PC slot technology for USB V2.0

  • Functional compatibility with CP 5512 as well as PC Adapter USB

  • + 5 V power supply from USB V2.0

  • +24 V optional external power supply

  • Mechanical USB locking on the housing of the CP 5711

  • Diagnostics information via LEDs

  • 35 mm standard rail mounting (with optional accessories)

Applications for the CP 5512 can be used with the CP 5711 without changing the configuration or the user software.


  • Connection of PROFIBUS field devices to PC systems with USB interface

  • Optimal support of PROFIBUS commissioning and analysis tools

  • Connection for portable PCs (e.g. for diagnostics and commissioning)

  • Stable USB connection thanks to mechanical locking of the USB connector on the CP 5711 enclosure

  • Active PROFIBUS termination is ensured by an external 24 V DC supply even if the USB cable is disconnected

  • LEDs for signaling operating states and fault conditions

  • Easy installation and startup

  • Optimally attuned to SOFTNET PROFIBUS