CP 5603


The CP 5603 is a PCI-104 card (Universal Key 5V/3.3V) with microprocessor allowing SIMATIC PCs with PCI-104 slot to be connected to PROFIBUS up to 12 Mbit/s. The new CP 5603 supplements the product range of the PROFIBUS PC modules by a further product in the embedded platform environment (such as "SIMATIC Microbox" and "SIMATIC S7 modular Embedded Controller")

It is function-compatible with the CP 5613 A2. New is the PG/PC slot technology for PCI-104. This allows the communications processor CP 5603 to be used in embedded computer platforms with PCI-104 connection technology, e.g. SIMATIC S7 modular Embedded Controller (S7-mEC) and SIMATIC Microbox.

Communication services

  • PROFIBUS DP master Class 1 and 2 according to IEC 61158 / 61784

  • PG/OP communication with the STEP 5 and STEP 7 software product

  • S7 communication with the S7-5613 software product

  • Open communication (SEND/RECEIVE) based on the FDL interface

  • PROFIBUS FMS according to IEC 61158/EN 50170 with the FMS-5613 software product


  • The CP 5603 has its own processor allowing preprocessing of the communication in the CP 5603 already. This helps to offload the host CPU of the processor ensuring stable data traffic.

  • High performance via direct dual port RAM access

  • Plug&Play support when installing hardware under Windows operating systems

  • The appropriate OPC server and configuration tools are included in the scope of supply of the respective communications software.