SCALANCE W780C Controller-based Access Points

Central wireless management


Configure and manage large wireless networks from a central location – using the SCALANCE WLC-700 IWLAN controller and the SCALANCE W780C controller-based access points!

Using MIMO technology, an existing Ethernet network can be upgraded to up to 96 access points without requiring any changes to the network infrastructure. This opens up completely new options, such as use of Voice-over-IP, video or internet access in one single wireless network.

Various services, security requirements and access criteria can thus be managed reliably so that administrators, commissioners or guests can use the same wireless network, for example, in a container terminal.


  • SCALANCE W788C-2 RJ45 access point for use in the control cabinet

  • SCALANCE W788C-2 M12 access point for indoor use

  • SCALANCE W788C-2 M12 EEC access point for extended environmental conditions

  • SCALANCE W786C-2 RJ45, W786C-2IA RJ45 access points for outdoor use

  • KEY-PLUG W780 iFeatures for activating the additional functions


  • Reduced commissioning overhead and operation of larger IWLAN installations (up to 96 access points) due to configuration from a central location

  • Fast setup of a new WLAN or extension of an existing WLAN

  • Implementation of a continuous WLAN in office, outdoor and industrial areas