Industrial Ethernet CP 1623

Industrial Ethernet CP 1623 for applications with high data rates


The CP 1623 is the PC card with its own microcontroller for Industrial Ethernet in PCI Express standard format for applications with high data rates, large quantity structures, or high requirements for computer resources.


  • Offloading of the host processor thanks to integral microprocessor
    Integral microprocessor executes the protocol stack autonomously. ISO, TCP/IP and UDP transport protocol. Communication services for PG/OP communication, S7 communication and open communication (SEND/RECEIVE).

  • Innovation from PCI to PCI Express, x1
    Use in modern PCs with PCIx1 slots. Flexible use because slots are upwards-compatible, that is, no matter what slot is available (e.g. x4, x8, etc.), the CP will fit.

  • Cost savings thanks to integral 2-port switch
    The integral 2-port switch enables simple establishment of linear bus structures and thus the integration of other PCs/network components without additional hardware.

  • With Gigabit interface
    The two electrical ports with RJ45 standard connections are suitable for data transfer rates from 10/100 Mbit/s up to 1000 Mbit/s.

  • External voltage supply guarantees switch mode in the case of PC failure
    An optional external voltage infeed enables switch operation even when the PC is switched off. This option is particularly important for use in line topologies to avoid the failure of entire network segments.

  • Redundant network configuration with S7-REDCONNECT
    It is possible to communicate with the fault-tolerant S7-400H system in conjunction with the S7-REDCONNECT software. Fault-tolerant S7 communication is carried out via a standard connection and a standby connection. These are monitored during operation and switched in the event of a fault. With S7-REDCONNECT, these are invisible to the PC application. Fault detection, changeover (if required), communication monitoring, and synchronization are all invisible to the application.

  • Time synchronization
    Automatic time-of-day synchronization of the PC via the network.

  • OPC as standard interface
    Simple connection of, for example, office applications to the communication system via OPC.

  • Standardized procedure in the case of NCM PC and STEP7
    You can apply your know-how universally thanks to the uniform configuring functionality in the case of NCM PC and STEP 7.