SCALANCE X-200 managed

scalance x 200 managed

Use the versatile SCALANCE X-200 Industrial Ethernet switches for your applications from machine-level up to networked units:


Universal and easy-to-use


The managed switches of the SCALANCE X-200 product range are very well suited for the setup of linear, star and ring structures (10/100 Mbps). They offer high-speed redundancy in the ring for electrical or optical lines and can be easily replaced thanks to the C-PLUG exchangeable medium in case of error.

Their compact design is available with different port characteristics from device variants with up to 24 electrical ports and optical ports (BFOC / ST) for distances up to 26 km.


  • Flexible implementation in applications from machine-level up to networked units

  • Increases the system availability by integrating the configuration and remote diagnostics in the STEP 7 engineering tool

  • Cabinet-free installation thanks to the high IP65 degree of protection (SCALANCE XP-200)