Industrial Ethernet FastConnect Cable 2 x 2

RJ45 cabling system as the established standard for Industrial Ethernet


For structured cabling in the factory hall; specially designed for fast assembly. When installing Industrial Ethernet networks (4-core), various cable types are available for different applications.


IE FC TP Cable 2x2 (4-core) with a radially symmetric structure; easy to determine length thanks to printed meter marking.

Different versions for different applications:

  • IE FC TP Standard Cable GP 2 x 2 (Type A)

  • IE FC TP Flexible Cable GP 2 x 2 (Type B)

  • IE FC TP Trailing Cable GP 2 x 2 (Type C)

  • IE TP Torsion Cable 2 x 2 (Type C)

  • IE FC TP FRNC Cable GP 2 x 2 (Type B)

  • IE FC TP Festoon Cable GP GP (Type B)

  • IE FC TP Food Cable GP 2 x 2 (Type C)


  • Certified for various applications, e.g for the American and Canadian market (UL listing such as OFN/OFNG for fiber-optic cables or CM/CMG for copper cables)

  • PROFINET-compatible

  • Marine and offshore approvals

  • RoHS-compatible, free from varnish-moistening substances


  • Convenient stripping with the FastConnect Stripping Tool, with which the outer jacket and braid shield can be removed to the perfect length in one step.

  • FastConnect cuts costs

  • Connection to FastConnect products using insulation displacement

  • Standardized

  • Exceeds Category 5 (Cat5e) of the international cabling standards ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173

  • High interference immunity due to double shielding

  • Easy length measurement due to printed meter markers