WinCC/User Archives

Managing data sets


The WinCC/User Archives option allows the application of User Archives, in which related data is stored in data records.

WinCC and its automation partners (e.g. a SIMATIC S7 PLC) can write to these data records and exchange them among one another if required.


  • Storing and managing of any user data in data sets

  • Flexible display via WinCC User Archive Control, with optional table and form view

  • Easy connecting of data set fields to the process via direct tag connection

  • Import/export functions for further processing with other tools (e.g. Microsoft Excel)

Design and functions

An operator, for example, can enter parameter sets (the operating parameters of a machine) in WinCC, store them in the user archive and forward them to the automation level as needed. On the other hand, an automation system can continuously acquire production parameters during a shift and send them to WinCC at the end of the shift. Further application examples are the acquisition of batch data, the specification of production parameters or the administration of storage management data.

WinCC user archives are conveniently created in a separate editor and preallocated with data. Special ActiveX Controls, which are integrated in the object palette of WinCC Graphics
Designer, are used to display data from the user archives during runtime. These controls can also run on the WebNavigator in an Internet environment.
The coupling of data sets and fields from user archives to the process is easily done via direct tag connection.

Fig. WinCC/User Archives Runtime Control