Integration of remote terminal units in central process visualization


SIMATIC WinCC/TeleControl

SIMATIC WinCC/TeleControl flexibly integrates remote terminal units into the central process visualization system of the entire plant via a WAN (Wide Area Network).
SIMATIC WinCC/TeleControl supports the three most importantinternational telecontrol protocols IEC 60870-5 101/104, DNP V3 (serial or TCP/IP), and SINAUT ST7 (serial or TCP/IP).
The diverse supported network topologies and transmission protocols allow a flexible configuration according to individual requirements.

The software can be individually adapted to the requirements of a plant. The uniform user interface for local and remote processes minimizes the risk of errors.
Less time is required for training of employees because the same SIMATIC WinCC process visualization system is used for telecontrol and for the actual process visualization.

Area of application

Widely spread plants especially in the industries:
Water/Waste water

  • Water wells, pumping stations, Shut-off slides in water supply mains and irrigation systems

  • Rain overflow basins and lifting stations in sewage networks

  • Elevated tanks

Oil and gas industry

  • Compressor-, pressure control-, transition- and measuring stations in gas networks

  • Pumping stations and gate walves in oil pipelines


  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance costs can be reduced considerably.

  • Worldwide use and support of international telecontrol protocols (SINAUT ST7, IEC 60870, DNP3)

  • Flexible configurations to match individual requirements

  • High availability and data security due to redundancy concepts

  • Cost-efficient due to optimized data transmission

  • The uniform user interface for local and remote processes minimizes expenditure and the probability of errors

  • Remote programming with SIMATIC S7-RTUs

Design and functions

WinCC/TeleControl (for WinCC V7.0 SP2) supports the following preferred remote terminal units for distributed automation on-site:

  • Controller integrated in ET 200S (Modbus, IEC 870-5-101/104 telecontrol protocols); for cost-sensitiv applications

  • Controllers S7-300/S7-300F (SINAUT ST7, DNP3, Modbus, IEC 870-5-101/104 telecontrol protocols); for extremely flexible configurations

  • Redundant controllers S7-400H/S7-400FH (IEC 870-5-101/104 and DNP3 telecontrol protocols) for higher requirements e.g on data security

  • Third party stations with telecontrol protocols Modbus, IEC 870-5-101 and IEC 870-5-104 (depending on station type)

WinCC/Telecontrol (for WinCC V7.0 SP2) can be individually adapted to the requirements of a plant.

  • Support of communication media with
    - serial interface, e.g., dedicated lines, dial-up connections (analog, ISDN)
    - radio transmission devices (standard, spread spectrum modulation), microwave and GSM
    - TCP/IP based WANs e.g., DSL, GPRS or Ethernet wireless networks

  • Network topologies – point-to-point, multidrop (multi-user mode) and hierarchical network structures

  • Cost-efficient due to reduced data volume by using event-driven communication mechanisms

  • Time synchronization of RTUs and correct time stamping of data

  • Prevention of data losses in case of communication failures

  • Redundancy for communication connections and servers