WinCC/SES (Sequence Execution System)

Scalable SCADA functionality for sequence based processes


WinCC/SES (Sequence Execution System) is a WinCC option designed for the sequence control of recipe- and sequence based processes like mixing processes in the food and beverage production. Using predefined visualization templates and function blocks a very high level of engineering efficiency can be achieved. That’s why plant designers as well as plant engineers can save as well engineering time as also test- and commissioning time.

Area of application

WinCC/SES is designed to use in manufacturing facilities where dosing, mixing as well as material handling is very important. In such plants the raw materials which are stored in tanks, silos or vessels have to be combined in the right order with reactors and processing machines. – This has to work with several processing steps up to the final product. The plant operator has to define the production steps within his production unit. He also has to set the production parameters like the set points and he has to define the production flow using sequences.


  • Minimized engineering effort because of standardization

  • Quality intensification due to efficient  operational management

  • Flexible production paths are possible leading to a consistent load within the production processes

  • Fine adjustment of the production processes while the behavior of the natural resources drift

  • Real-time behavior because the single steps are processed in the PLC.

  • High availability

  • Low training- and operational costs

Design and functions

A high system availability and fast reaction time are typical for the WinCC/SES module because of the fact that the sequences are processed on the PLC and not on the PC.
That is the reason why on one hand real-time behavior is achieved because of the much faster cycle time of the PLCs. On the other hand it also increases the failure-safety because if the batch has started it is still processed even if the PC crashes. After production start the SES control displays all steps and production parameters like set points and actual values as well as the actual state of the production step in a very clear and transparent manner. Due to that fact for an operator it is possible to adjust production processes very fast during normal operation for example by changing the sequence of the steps manually. This for example can be necessary if the quality of the natural resources varies or if it is necessary to change the order of the steps to reach flexible paths through the production process