New with SIMATIC WinCC V7.3

More engineering efficiency plus mobile access to WinCC from  mobile devices using the new option WinCC/WebUX.

More engineering efficiency and security during runtime

The WinCC Configuration Studio now supports the central configuration of process data, messages, archiving, user archives and user administration as well as free form text in different languages. The functionality also has been expanded to support the communication with the Simatic-S7-1500 PLCs. Now it is possible to directly import the symbolic addresses of variables into the WinCC ConfigurationStudio. Also the integrated system diagnosis is supported by the use of the alarm functions which are implemented in the S7-1500 controller.
To provide even more security for WinCC applications running in large plants the use of encoded SSL communication within the internal communication is supported.

WinCC/WebUX – new option for WinCC V7.3

Mobile  WinCC client without any installation – platform and browser independent
The new option WinCC/WebUX enables platform independent access to WinCC applications using any SVG and HTML5 compatible Browser. Absolutely no client side installation is necessary. Using this client it is possible to control WinCC applications at any time from any device. When monitoring this way the security of the plant is guaranteed using encryption via SSL and HTTPS.

Base are application-specific layers which are created using WinCC:

  • The management receives key indicators out of the production.

  • Quality assurance has access to process data – Displaying them in trend charts as well as messages

  • Maintenance actions become much easier by the possibility to execute remote operator control actions

  • It is also possible to show actual production information to all employees displaying them as dashboard on monitors.

Two different types of licenses are available. Read-only licenses can be bought as well as read/write licenses. The user administration is integrated in WinCC.