New with SIMATIC WinCC V7.3

Efficient data acquisition and long-term archiving –
plant information at any time – from everywhere.

In a modern company more and more data are generated on a daily basis – this is a big challenge but also a big chance. If these data are made exploitable, it is possible to optimize processes and to improve the quality of the product. To achieve this it is not only important to store these data long-term at a save place but above all it is very important to recognize the most important data within the flood of data. This information has to be available at any time – also when using mobile terminals.

SIMATIC Process Historian 2014

The SIMATIC Process Historian records and archives data from any underlying WinCC- / PCS 7 system in real-time. The adaption to the data volume is possible at any time – without interruption of the production.
Please increase the availability of the long-term archives of plant data in order to ensure the detectability and the traceability of a product. Using the Process Historian 2014 you will get a central long-term archive as an interface to the company management level – achieving more efficiency for both company management and – analysis.
New in the SIMATIC Process Historian 2014:

  • More performance and data security (Disaster Recovery, Store & Forward)

  • Central long-term archive for WinCC data starting with  WinCC V 7.0 SP3 and PCS 7 data starting with PCS 7 V8.0

  • Data migration beginning with WinCC V 6.2 SP3

  • Support of migration tools for data from WinCC/Storage plus, CAS storage plus, WinCC segments

  • IT Integration: SIMATIC Process Historian OPC UA Server

SIMATIC Information Server 2014

Using the SIMATIC Information Server it is possible to comfortably create reports and analyses via a web based- interface. These data is available in the internet via dashboards. Predefined templates and reports using Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint make it possible to directly create reports without programming skills. On the basis of MS Reporting Services it is possible to additionally create individual reports.
Access to the reports is web-based using the dashboard or automatically when using time- or event triggered reports. Using mobile devices the information can be called up from any remote location.

  • Modern Look & Feel

  • Even more efficient and performant

  • Central reporting system for data from WinCC V7.0 SP3, WinCC V7.2 and WinCC V 7.3 SE,
    as well as data from PCS 7 V8.0 and PCS 7 V8.1, SIMATIC BATCH, SIMATIC Process Historian 2014

  • Add ins for MS Excel, Word,  NEW: Powerpoint

  • Compatibility test for mobile devices (Tablet, Full HD >10,5“) and HTML5-capable browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)

WinCC/WebUX – new option for WinCC V7.3

Mobile  WinCC client without any installation – platform and browser independent
The new option WinCC/WebUX enables platform independent access to WinCC applications using any SVG and HTML5 compatible Browser. Absolutely no client side installation is necessary. Using this client it is possible to control WinCC applications at any time from any device. When monitoring this way the security of the plant is guaranteed using encryption via SSL and HTTPS.

Base are application-specific layers which are created using WinCC:

  • The management receives key indicators out of the production.

  • Quality assurance has access to process data – Displaying them in trend charts as well as messages

  • Maintenance actions become much easier by the possibility to execute remote operator control actions

  • It is also possible to show actual production information to all employees displaying them as dashboard on monitors.

Two different types of licenses are available. Read-only licenses can be bought as well as read/write licenses. The user administration is integrated in WinCC.