Industry specific products for Windfarms and Solar plants

Designed for more availability and less maintenance


SIMATIC customized component for solar plants and windfarms

All SIMATIC Panels and IPCs are developed for especially demanding environments and also for long service life. Spare parts availability over many years ensures their continued use both in efficient solar and photovoltaic systems and in wind turbines

Solar systems
Compared to other power plants, photovoltaic systems are subject to hardly any mechanical stress and therefore require little maintenance. The same also applies for solar and solar-thermal systems. This also reduces the maintenance overhead on the devices. The SIMATIC Industrial PCs and Panels meet these requirements through the targeted selection of high-quality components and special production processes.

Wind farms
Wind farms can be used to produce electrical power in all climatic zones, at sea, and in all types of terrain. The requirements regarding the control systems for wind turbines and wind parks are as diverse as the installation locations. These locations are increasingly difficult to reach. This means the equipment must be completely maintenance-free. The Industrial PCs of the 427 series can meet these requirements. By selecting high-quality components and special production procedures, all the SIMATIC IPCs and Panels can be used for several years without requiring servicing.

Features of customized SIMATIC devices  to face the requirements:

  • Highly robust
    Dependable operation at ambient temperatures from 0°C up to +55°C offering high flexibility in the choice of installation location. Use of a TEK is recommended to increase the temperature range

  • Innovative and flexible:
    We meet the ever-increasing demand for more computing power by using powerful processor generations from Intel®. Based on current chipsets, devices are available with fast yetpowersaving processors. This makes power-saving applications (e.g. simple data acquisition) just as possible as power-hungry applications (such as the software PLC in real-time WinAC RTX) and server systems.

  • Compact:
    SIMATIC IPCs fit into any control cabinet. Compact housings in different designs and sizes offer a wealth of different mounting and installation options, such as rail, wall or portrait mounting.

  • Protected:
    Salt-laden air is hard on electronic devices. SIMATIC Panels are also available in the IP65 type and are thus eminently suitable for offshore use.
    Versions of the Microbox PC SIMATIC IPC427C also enable use in salt-laden air: this is made possible by special paint processes that have been in use for many years.

Optimizing the configuration of panels and PCs for greater system availability is one of the simplest ways of preventing downtimes and ensuring high productivity. What are effective here, – besides the use of high-quality industry-grade components, – are optional expansion components and software options such as e.g.- the SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor diagnostic and signaling software for detecting possible faults in hardware and software- or the SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator for preventive data backup and efficient partition management.